Joining Us

There is no obligation for any school to join a Teaching School Alliance - this one, or any other. We do believe however, that schools are stronger if they work together.

Not only does it allow staff to talk to and learn from their peers, but economies of scale allow access to training or national activity that otherwise would be out of reach. In addition, Equate has access to occasional grant funding from the Department for Education; for example to undertake research activity, school to school support or recruitment activities for teacher training.

Equate has a dedicated coordinator, with access to information on national and regional initiatives and grant funding, as well as being on hand to organise events, training, meetings and research projects on behalf of all the schools in the Alliance. Most importantly, we believe that no school should be left to struggle by themselves. Our Alliance schools, working together, can offer support packages of different types and at different levels to staff of other schools to help them succeed.

If you would like to join us and get involved in our work, simply contact for an informal meeting or conversation. You can download our partnership agreement on the right to see the benefits of alligning with a teaching school and how we can provide a platform for schools to share their own exisiting excellent practice with others.

Alternatively, sign up for our monthly newsletter, keeping you up to speed with our latest work and developments which you may engage with at any time.