Lincolnshire Teaching Schools Together (LTT)

Lincolnshire Teaching Schools Together (LTT) is a group of 6 Lincolnshire Teaching Schools that have agreed to work through collaboration, based on mutual trust and respect, to develop a self-improving school-led system in Lincolnshire.

The Lincolnshire Teaching Schools work together with a strong focus on our ‘big six’ activities:

Initial Teacher Training – taking a lead role in recruiting & training new teachers
Continuing Professional Development – championing and supporting all levels of peer-to-peer, professional & leadership development
Succession Planning & Talent Management – identifying & developing leadership potential
School to School Support – providing & coordinating support for all schools
Specialist Leaders of Education – designating SLEs & brokering specialist support
Research & Development – engaging & leading in educational research

We are committed to working closely with the Lincolnshire Learning Partnership Board, the Local Authority, NLEs, LLEs, and NLGs  to ensure that no school, and therefore no child, is left behind as Lincolnshire ‘blazes a trail’ in sector led school improvement.


Our shared vision:

  • We value the work of all (individuals, groups and organisations) who share their expertise in the raising of standards, pupil outcomes, transformational leadership & management, exceptional teaching, learning and support
  • We believe that by playing to the strengths of individuals, groups and organisations our creative partnerships, & pooled resources, provide more than the sum of their parts
  • We believe that excellence in leadership, pedagogy, training, development and support should be shared effectively to maximise the positive impact on the lives of the greatest number of children and young people
  • We believe that all who commit to the education sector as their vocation have the right to the highest standards of training, guidance, support, development and influence; to help them become the best that they can be
  • We recognise that all children and young people, regardless of their starting point or setting, have the right to an outstanding education, and most importantly one that prepares them to thrive as enterprising, global citizens in a fast-changing, modern world
  • We agree to share information about the expertise and talent in our alliances and schools in order to facilitate the work of teaching schools in Lincolnshire in improving outcomes for children.

More information about the work of LTT can be found on our website by clicking here.