What We Offer

We offer a range of training courses, workshops and school improvement packages for individual staff or as whole-school support programmes. Some of these are offered free, some covered by government funding and others at a small charge. We support development for staff at all levels and at all stages of their career.

Our training and development programmes are designed with long-term, sustainable improvements in mind - and as such are targeted against an identified need, and offered as part of a wider improvement strategy.  This may be through SLE support being provided as follow up to the training, or the training forming part of a wider package including the development and implementaton of action plans.

We strive to be responsive to the needs of the schools around us and are always open to suggestions for any training and development you would like to see, or have the skills to help us provide.

Training and Development Currently Available in 2019/20

  • NQT Workshops
  • Professional Forums
  • Reading Comprehension
  • Word Power
  • Enhancing writing throught the use of ICT - ICT with Mr P
  • Assessment For Learning
  • Relationships and Sex Education
  • Coding Network Meetings
  • Developing an approach to spelling
  • Evidence Brief Workshops
  • Greater Depth in Maths
  • Subject Leadership and the new Framework
  • Recipe for securing good
  • Stress Managment
  • Leading a Mentally Healthy School
  • Phonics Support Package
  • Active English
  • EYFS Development Package
  • Team Teach - 1 and 2 day
  • Mental Health First Aid
  • Taste Ed

We also run a range of training courses which can be seen here.