Assessment For Learning

When assessment is used effectively, it helps pupils to embed knowledge and assist teachers in producing clear next steps for pupils. Assessment should not substantially increase teacher’s workloads and therefore it is important that teachers and leaders understand its limitations and understand its misuse and overuse.

This CPD session offers an engaging and original approach to introducing or revisiting assessment for learning.  Analysing real classrooms and seeing it at it’s best will form the foundation of the programme. Grounded in educational research, this CPD session is  interactive, well-structured, and has been successfully tried and tested within our schools. The aim of  the CPD session is to develop the knowledge, skills, and strategies needed in order to utilise assessment for  learning with maximum impact in   lessons, and it achieves this by embarking upon the following learning journey:

· Understand what assessment for learning is and why it is effective?

· Within a session– how are pupils assessed and moved onto to maintain the level of challenge?

· How can make sure that all pupils intellectually challenged within a session V working within their capacity?

· Look at effective use of Assessment for Learning strategies to inform teaching.

· Observe and evaluate a model of assessment for learning

· Collaborate in developing your own assessment for learning strategies.

· Ensuring that Assessment for Learning is used to inform targeted support immediately.