Developing an approach to spelling

Is the teaching of spelling an aspect for development in your setting?

How do pupils learn to spell? What is the most effective way of learning?

Do your children apply their spelling lists into their writing?

Are you ready to improve your current approach to spelling?


Phonics provides a foundation for effective spelling but it is not the only skill needed. Fast and accurate spelling is a key component of writing fluently. Research provides us with an insight of how confident spellers understand how words are spelt based on meaningful parts of words, word origins and sound-letter correspondences. 

Through analysing the types of spelling errors that pupils make we can better understand how to support spelling         specific to your pupils needs.  It aims to provide appropriate strategies to address phonological, orthographical and morphological errors and apply this when writing.  This can only work best when the teaching of spelling is related to the current content being studied in school and when teachers encourage pupils to incorporate new spellings in their writing. With a focus on your current starting point and practical solutions to support the needs of your pupils, the programme is aimed to provide support, ideas and resources in order to have an impact in this vital component within the Curriculum.