Evidence Brief Workshops

The Evidence Brief Workshops are a series of workshops based on the guidance written by the Education Endowment Foundation. The workshops will be based over the Spring Term.


Preparing for Literacy– This session will look at how to implement the seven recommendations to support improving early language and literacy. This guidance report offers early years professionals seven practical evidence-based recommendations to provide every child–but particularly those from disadvantaged homes–with a high quality and well-rounded grounding in early literacy, language and communication. 


Parent Engagement– This session will look at how parents play a crucial role in supporting their children’s learning, and levels of parental engagement are consistently associated with children’s academic outcomes. Schools and early years settings can  support parents to engage with their children’s learning in a wide range of ways.


Putting Evidence to Work-  This session will focus on how schools are learning organisations. They continuously strive to do better for the children and young people in their charge. In doing so, they try new things, seek to learn from those experiences, and work to adopt and embed the practices that work best.