From Phonics to Spelling/ Phonics Matters

With nearly 20 years of experience in education, Kelly Ashley has enjoyed teaching, leadership, research and advisory roles in both England and America. With an MA in Education – Primary Reading Specialist – from East Carolina University, USA and an MA in Educational Leadership and Change Management from York St John University, she has firm roots in educational research, offering evidence-based, primary English professional development for schools, TSAs, MATs and Local Authorities. She is currently working with several organisations in the North of England in the development and delivery of projects funded through the DFE’s Strategic School Improvement Fund (SSIF). She continues to provide bespoke school support and training as an independent primary English specialist, with a particular interest in language, vocabulary development and reading.

From Phonics to Spelling

Are your pupils ‘stuck’ in a perpetual cycle of ‘phonically plausible’ spelling?  Would you like to explore strategies that can be used to move from ‘phonically plausible’ to accurate spelling?

From Phonics… to Spelling will explore what the research says works well to improve pupils’ spelling and also offer practical suggestions of how to translate research into practice.

The session will explore Sue Palmer’s ‘multi-strategy’ approach (ear, eye, hand and brain), considering how pupils tackle spelling and which ‘strategies’ they can draw upon to support fluency when reading and writing.  The EEF’s Improving Literacy in KS1 and KS2 and A Marked Improvement guidance reports will also be investigated –             considering the different types of spelling errors encountered (morphological, orthographic, phonological) and how we can utilise feedback effectively to encourage pupil independence and application of skills. 

Attendees will need to bring 2-3 samples of a pupils’ writing in order to actively engage in ‘error analysis’ which will form the bedrock of learning throughout the afternoon. 

Teachers are encouraged to attend with teaching assistants who also support reading and writing in order to further deepen conversations about pupils’ learning and consider next steps.

Phonics Matters

This highly practical course offers FS and Y1 teachers advice on how to encourage application of phonic knowledge in a range of different contexts using the EFF’s Improving Literacy in KS1 guidance report.

Which ‘real’ texts can we used to apply phonic skills?

How can we provide regular opportunities to apply new knowledge in a range of provision areas?

The EEF’s Preparing for Literacy guidance is also referenced to, to enhance this programme.

These courses are based on research based evidence, proven to have impact within the classroom.