Philosophy for Children

Jason Buckley is founder of The Philosophy Man. He is author of several books on thinking and P4C and is a leading trainer and writer of resources. His weekly bulletin is received by over 17,000 teachers and he is an international speaker on classroom dialogue. He is also Director of Studies at GIFT, a leading provider of specialist summer schools for the most able. Philosophy for Children is a powerful pedagogy for getting children talking and thinking deeply. This lively, interactive day with a leading expert will give you the techniques you need to make it practical in your classroom.

How to find philosophy discussions within your existing curriculum

A simple planning tool that identifies concepts and questions ripe for P4C in your existing topics and texts

How to spot opportunities for philosophical discussion as they occur live during in lessons

Using “philosophy in role” to bring topics to life

Three clear principles to make your classroom talk more fun and effective for you and the children

Get Moving – Compelling, physically active openings to promote ENGAGEMENT from the first minute

Y-Questions – Opportunities for sustained disagreement that create CHALLENGE

Take a Back Seat– The crucial shift in the teacher’s role and status that gives children INDEPENDENCE

Unrivalled resources to support immediate and continuing impact

The Philosophy Circles Premium Pack for every school represented (normally costs £249+VAT by itself)

Includes 10 Philosophy Circles Handbooks, 10 copies Jason Buckley’s Thinkers’ Games, online video tutorials

160+ ready-to-go session plans across the curriculum plus 100 “Spot and Stripe” video discussion starters


What teachers at one school said…

'Best INSET ever. Fantastically resourced, well paced and great learning.'

'Got us all thinking. Lots of brilliant ideas to use in the classroom. Really interactive.'

'I am going to take up Philosophy! Very thought provoking!'

'Activities are challenging to the thought process. I intend to use all of them in my teaching.'

'Excellent ideas to encourage children to think and debate. Also to question their opinions in a safe environment.'

'Great pace and presentation.'

Teaching Staff Greenway Primary School


All sessions will be 9:30am - 3:30pm