Reading For Pleasure

Time to talk books, pleasure and practice! Jayne Carter (Ignite Education Ltd) & Equate invites schools committed to developing children’s desire, delight and engagement as readers to join our new OU/UKLA Reading Group. Informal, friendly and supportive, we hope teachers, librarians and support staff will join us and commit to attending all six PD sessions.

We will be exploring the engaging resources on the new OU Research-Rich Pedagogies free website and supporting teachers in developing their RfP pedagogy, knowledge of children’s literature and the children as readers, and enabling them to build reading communities within and beyond school.



“The best teachers of reading are teachers who read, and that means teachers finding the time to stay up to date and engage with children’s literature.”

W Tennent 2015


“Reading Teachers who are not only knowledgeable about texts for children but also aware of their own reading         identities and prepared to share their enthusiasm and understanding of what being a reader means. Sharing the process of reading with readers is an innovative approach to developing new generations of readers.”


“If a teacher doesn’t read for pleasure, she won’t spark any desire in her flock”


Launch meeting: Wednesday 3rd July 2019 3:30—5:30pm


Dates of sessions: Thursday 19th September,  Friday 29th November, Thursday 23rd January,

Thursday 19th March,  Monday 27th April, Friday 12th June.