Subject leadership and the new framework: ensuring successful curriculum implementation

This course will enable participants to explore key aspects of the role of subject leadership as well as looking at key skills required to be effective in the role. There will be a significant focus on how subject leaders develop their subject specific curricular intent, implementation and impact. Participants will also consider how to ensure their monitoring and evaluation activities are effective and ensure knowledge and skills are developed through their school. The course will provide a range of templates and resources to support the subject leader in their role. Participants will have a better understanding about how senior leaders, middle leaders, teachers and pupils will be engaged with in order to evaluate the quality of education that a school is providing to its pupils. They will also explore a range of strategies that will help leaders feel confident if their subject is chosen for a ‘deep dive’ during an inspection. Practical strategies will be discussed and shared enabling leaders to amend the way they self evaluate their subjects.

¨ Understand the importance of subject leadership with the revised framework

¨  Explore the role of subject leadership and key skills that need to be developed.

¨ Audit your subject curriculum reflecting on the intent, implementation and impact.

¨ Understand the role of subject leadership in developing pupil achievement, teaching, curriculum and assessment

¨ Use the National Standards for Subject leaders to audit current skills set and identify future targets.

¨ Reflect on current leadership monitoring and evaluation activities and how these may need to be adapted to provide leaders with robust information about the implementation and impact their subjects are having on developing pupils’ knowledge and skills.

¨ Explore different ways that subject leaders can ensure the development of key knowledge and skills within their subject is progressive and sequenced appropriately through a range of monitoring activities.

¨ Develop an awareness of how subject leaders can demonstrate how their subject complements the school’s curricular intent

¨ Ensure senior and middle leaders are able to clearly articulate (with clear examples) the intent                               implementation and impact of the school curriculum.

¨ Have a greater understanding of the process that ‘deep dives’ follow including the involvement of class     teachers.

¨  Identify next steps and begin to formulate own action plan.