School Website Health Check

Have you been meaning to check that your website meets the latest statutory requirements? Do you find that you haven't got time because of more important priorities? If so, then let us conduct a health check of your website, doing all of the hard work for you!

At a time when constant updates from the DfE are being released about what the statutory requirements are for information published on websites, it is taking valuable and precious time away from Headteachers and Governors focussing on what really matters -  teaching and learning.

The DfE has laid out the minimum required for a school website; however schools are actively encouraged to make sure they publish as much information as they can to ensure their website is accurate, timely, informative, clear and easy to navigate around for parents and the school's local community.

Equate can take this pressure away from schools and provide a comprehensive health check of your school website against statutory requirements.

We will:

· check that your website complies with ALL statutory guidance.

· check that your website includes the recommended information that OFSTED have also encouraged schools to publish.

· provide a written report on what is missing from your website with supporting actions for how best to address this.

Cost: £175

Email to book your health check today!