Our SLEs

Below you can find an overview of all of the SLEs who work with us at Equate TSA. Click on their name to read more about their background and work. Please take a look below and contact us for more information or to book support. A request for support form can be downloaded from the side of this page and returned to lisa@equatetsa.co.uk

Sandra Mitchell

Literacy, Behaviour, Developing Leadership

Lynne Rocks

Phonics, Teaching and Learning, The Arts

Andy Bell 

Literacy, Assessment, Behaviour, Developing Leadership, NQTs

Donna Woodcock

EYFS, Phonics

Emily Broadley

Literacy, Phonics, Humanities, Teaching and Learning

Katherine Brown

Maths, Phonics, Year 2 Moderation

Lisa Sellers

SEN, Phonics, PSHE, Teaching and Learning

Michael Sharpe  

Maths, Assessment

Rachael Eastham    

Maths, Curriculum, Teaching and Learning

Sophie Booth

ICT, Phonics, Mentoring / Coaching

Susanna Craddock 

EYFS, Phonics

Victoria Maycock  

EYFS, Phonics, Teaching and Learning, Positive behaviours