Lynne Rocks

Lynne Rocks is an SLE working at Witham St Hughs Academy.

Lynne's specialisms are:

  • EYFS
  • Art
  • Teaching and Learning

Background Information:

My name is Lynne Rocks and I have been teaching for over twenty years!  My career has largely been centred around developing EYFS approaches to teaching and helping others to develop as teachers. I worked as an AST for twelve years. Within this role I have supported practitioners both in my own school and in and out of county to realise the potential that they have inside them to do a great job with their pupils. It gives me an enormous sense of achievement to see my fellow teachers enjoying their role and having a positive impact on the learners in their care. Working together has proved to be the key for success, when frank and purposeful discussions are held in a non-threatening manner. It is always my aim to try to build on the “best bits”, and scaffold and support practitioners where they need it. Being a teacher myself, I can provide opportunities for others to watch me “practise what I preach”, which is hugely beneficial when building relationships between SLE and teacher.

I have also worked as a visiting tutor for graduate on the CFBT Graduate Training Programme. During this time I have mentored many different students and pulled together courses as part of the core offer for CFBT’s GTP students. Some of these courses included, “Teaching Non-Core Subjects”, “The Foundation Stage Experience Day”, and, “The Creative Curriculum”. As a visiting tutor my role has been key in mentoring and supporting both the student and the school based trainer. The triangulated model for developing teaching has been very effective, with GTP student graduating with First Class degrees. I continue to enjoy this part of my job and hope to play a role in developing ITT in the future.

More recently I have been involved in supporting schools who are in a category. I have worked with EYFS and Y1 staff to raise standards, improve behaviour and develop a stimulating learning environment. This is a very rewarding aspect to my work, and one which I am keen to continue with. The last school which I supported in moved from Special Measures to, “A good school”. This makes me feel very proud of all the staff who worked so hard and all the pupils who took on new challenges so keenly.