Michael Sharpe

Michael Sharpe is an SLE working at Ling Moor Primary Academy.

Michael's specialisms are:

  • Maths
  • Teaching and Learning
  • Assessment for Learning

Background Information:

I have worked at Ling Moor for about 14 years, mainly in Y5/6.  I am maths subject leader and am passionate about generating a love of maths whilst raising standards in the process.  Having worked as an AST I have supported many teachers and subject leaders in maths, teaching and learning and subject leadership.  I think participation and engagement are crucial to teaching and learning and should be a constant part of any lesson.

I have completed the NPQSL module and really believe in the coaching model as a way of supporting others and hope to be able to use this in the future.    Recently I have begun learning about Growth Mindsets, which I think is enormously powerful and I am really keen to see how this can impact on a child’s learning.  I’m also keen to explore the mastery approach to teaching maths and deepening the children’s learning.